Coincidence? I think NOT!

A few days ago, my childhood friend Rilee opened her mission call. Here is the video:

The assignment in a missionary’s call is given by way of revelation from God, through a divinely appointed Apostle of The Lord. All missionaries who understand this, and who have adequate faith in Jesus Christ, feel the power and wisdom of their call from the moment they find it out. It is this sublime and profound power that moved this sister to tears. And I must admit that I had to choke down tears when I read my call letter, as well.

The Church is true. It is governed by Jesus Christ, through inspired leaders who hold the keys to revelation and Priesthood in the latter days.


  1. #1 by David Tobler on February 20, 2012 - 12:30 am

    I want to add my witness to that of Josh’s, that mission calls are inspired. Recent events have caused me to reflect on the time that I received my mission call. I didn’t care where I was called to serve, although the thought of learning a language seemed daunting.

    I opened my call sitting on the front porch of my house. As I read the words “Canada Toronto Mission” the Holy Ghost bore witness to me that this was right. At the time I had no idea of what that mission and its people would come to mean to me.

    Looking back I can’t image serving anywhere else. The Lord had a work for me to do in Ontario Canada. He also had people there whose lives needed to intersect with mine in preparation for our futures. That future is the direct result of an Apostle of God listening to the spirit and calling hundreds of missionaries, who answer the call to serve, to the place that Lord had prepared for him to serve.

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