Week 2 at the MTC

Dear Friends & Family,

Happy Friday! this is my second P-day, and it still kind of feels like a half P-day. I just got back from the Provo Temple. For all the years I’ve lived in Utah Valley, this was my first time ever going to that one. It was awesome!

I have not figured out a decent way to post pictures to this blog yet : /  the email here is super wonky. I have some really awesome pictures too!

We’ve been teaching our investigator, Yoshi-San. the language has been challenging. My companion and I frequently disagree on the teaching style we should use in the visits. It is frustrating because we lack the comprehension to understand and address our investigators needs. but we are improving.

Our district is awesome! We pretty much do everything as a district. We are together in the classroom, which takes most of our day. We frequently eat together, got together at Sabbath meetings, and get together at the start of every study session.

The food is good, but I’m trying to eat health. I never touch my entrees until after I’ve eaten a fruit and vegetable. I’ve actually lost six pounds since I got here, but that was before I received all those delicious treats in the mail. (Thank you Mom and Bro & Sis Rife!!).

It is strange to be so close to my home and yet so far away. Coming out of the temple the first thing I saw was Lavell Edward Stadium and I thought, “man I’d love to watch some BYU football right now.” It’s times like these that make me feel like two years is an eternity!

On Tuesday Bishop McMullin came and spoke to us. He is an incredible speaker! So is his wife! The are marvelous examples to missionary service!

Oh!  Haven’t told you all about Easter yet! President Packer and his son came to visit us. The sacrament was administered to the entire congregation, which was the entire MTC. I have never sen the sacrament administered on an industrial scale before! After the meeting I bumped into President Watson! He’s a Branch President down here. We also had an evening devotional with the BYU men’s choir. That was pretty awesome too!

And yes, I did meet Elder Archuleta. He’s pretty chill. I guess he’s going to Argentina. I don’t remember with mission. he likes to sit in the vicinity of our district a mealtime so I bump into with some regularity. I actually didn’t realize it was him the first time I talked to him ^-^! How am I of all people supposed to know what he looks like!

Everything is going pretty good here! Thanks for all your letters! I can’t tell you how much they pick me up when I see them siting on my desk! I love hear about how everyone is doing and stuff! I love you all and I know the Lord will watch ove ryou in my absence. I miss you!


With Love, Elder Tobler

PS Please don’t send any more treats. My teethe are rotting our of my face. I wish I could show you the picture on our room’s communal “candy shrine.” It deserves the title.

PPS It’s not that I don’t appreciate it. I do. I am thoroughly enjoying them all. It’s just . . . wow, I don’t know how I’m going to eat all that before I leave the MTC. My whole district couldn’t even put a dent in it.


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