Oh, Herro Prease!

2012 05 8

Well, I’m still here!

We finally got our Kohai districts this week. They’re awesome! It’s fun being a sempai. I’m trying not to be quite as annoying as our sempai were. My friend from first grade came in with the new districts. Belnap- Shimai. It’s fun to see a familiar face around here.

Although, the MTC is kind of funny. Especially in the first day, everyone here looked really familiar. I’d ask an Elder, “Hey, where are you from Elder?” and he’d respond “Australia.” “Hawaii.” “Brazil.” It took me weeks to realize that everyone at the MTC has something in common: we were all foreordained to the this ministry in the pre-mortal world. Obviously we have seen each other before. We probably had a sort of MTC & mission pre-union. With the spirit here so strong as it is, the veil does feel a bit thin. It’s really not so hard to believe.

So I knocked three items off my MTC bucket list this week. #1 – The Kobe mission won the SYL challenge, so the Tokyo mission had to bring me dessert. #2 – I pranked to Korean missionaries. In addition to own pictures, three chogno’s will be going to Korea with printed photos of me making faces. And last but not least, #3 – I got all the elders in the showers singing “I’ll make a man out of you” from Mulan. A thousand celestial points if you start singing that song when you read this.

This magic MTC allowance money will be the death of me. Books are my #1 vice, and missionaries get some serious discounts in the bookstore. I bought a Morumon-sho Momgatri book, which is the picture book of the Book of Mormon stories with all the 80’s haircuts. Best of all, it’s written in like first-grade Japanese! I can read first-grade Japanese! Not quite so much of the Kanji Gomi to deal with. That gomi is the most Okii Jodan that I ever did Mimashita. (As you can clearly see, my Japenglish is improving. So is my Engrish. Herro prease.)

On a slightly more serious note, I redid my language study plan this week. I specified my goas such that I know what I’m going to be able to do before I the MTC, and what I’ll be studying every day from now ’til then so that I’ll be able to accomplish those goals in all four categories (namely reading, writing, speaking, and listening).  By the time I get to Japan, I’ll be able to comfortably explain Faith, Repentance, Baptism, The Gift of the Holy Ghost, and enduring to the end. I’ll be able to teach the first three lessons in Preach My Gospel, understand peoples’ beliefs about God, understand all the words in Ether chapter 12, and be able to write all the Kanji used in Ether 12 Boojah! I mean, Banzai!

I’m over the hump now. The time is going faster and faster. If only the Kohai knew how fast the time goes! Soon I’m going to have to leave these beloved mountains, and then the real work begins. But I’m excited! And terrified. And excited. I love you and I miss you all. You are in my prayers always. Ganbette Kudasia!


Elder Tobler

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