Blog update July 2, 2012 助手

Howdy folks!

Quick update on my life! Japan is wet and warm. Japanese is hard.

Oh! Get this! You know that really annoying song that the ice cream man plays when he drives his little clown truck around the neighborhood? They play that here too. Only it:s not the ice cream man here. It:s the garbage truck. L.O.L. Squared.

So last preparation day, we got an email (email is what the Japanese call text-messaging) from Bevan Chōrō at the Honbu asking us to follow up on what sounded like a referral. There were some members visiting Wakayama who wanted to meet the missionaries. We called them and it turned out that they were Americans! The Crandle Family is from Dallas, TX. Brother Crandle is here in Wakayama doing some medical research for a local physical therapy clinic. It sounded like some really arcane stuff – blood flow and how it relates to body temperature regulation, particularly in skin-grafted areas and scar tissue. His company sends him around the world fairly frequently, it sounds like, so he brings his family with him. Whenever they get to an area, one of their first items to do is to contact the mission office and locate the missionaries in that area, then feed them.

Heavenly Father must love us.

So we called the Crandles and set up a dinner appointment. Later that night we actually met them while out prostelyting. They:re pretty cool. They took us out to eat Tuesday at a curry house. It was yummy.

We:re also trying to set up a meeting between their 17-year old son Jacob and our district leader Elder Wilcox, because Elder Wilcox:s father Brad Wilcox was Jacob:s EFY session director. Small world, neh?

This week we tried splitting the road for the first time. We each pick a side and Dendō our way down. It was hard talking to people by myself but it was also quite effective. It:s fun to challenge yourself.

We met with our investigator at the Daigaku and taught her all the remaining lesson material. We talked with her a little about baptism, and she has decided that after her concert in August, she is going to quit choir so she can come to Church and be baptized! I;m so excited for her! See, that:s why you pray for your investigators! The most important part of their conversion is how the Spirit works with them after you leave.

She actually lives in Sennan, which means they will get the credit for her baptism. But that doesn:t hurt my feelings. I:m not here to tally up baptism statistics. I:m here to save souls. And I was privilaged to participate in the rescue of this beloved soul. That is a privilage we should all strive for!

We:ll be going up to Sennan tonight and meeting her at a YSA activity, actually.

If anyone ever comes to Wakayama, go to Gu:s Okonomiyaki Restaraunt.

Before 2pm, you get a HUGE serving of Okonomiyaki (Japanese vegetable pancake), rice, miso soup, and unlimited drinks and soft-serve ice cream, all for less than $6.

Rainy season is picking up a little bit. So;s the heat. But it:s still not the nightmare that Zinke Kaichō was talking about.

We also taught our other investigator and set a baptismal date for her in Family Home Evening yesterday. It was great, and their daughter loved the activity. We had them all write their testimonies on aluminum plates like Nephi did on the gold plates. Haha. I stole the idea from a Sunday School teacher I had years ago who had us do the same thing. If you think writing Kanji is hard, try carving it into metal. After that we bound the leaflets together with three rings like the golden plates and gave it to them. We:re hoping to begin teaching their son, soon, as well.

And the Crandles fed us again yesterday. And there were fireworks for the midsummer festival. It was like an early 4th of July! Heavenly Father must love us!

I guess that:s all for now. I haven:t taken very many pictures, but here are the ones I do have for you.

Keep the faith!

Elder Tobler


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