Blog update July 8

Hey everybody! I;m still kicking, believe it or not! Let me catch you up on what:s been going on.

Last P-day, Rasmusen Chōrō;s bike broke in half. He:s fine, but he had to figure out a new way to get around in his area. Sennan is big and can:t really be navigated without a bike. He:s a tough kid though. Takes everything in stride. He and Elder Wilcox found a way to make it out to Wakayama to go to the castle with us and the Crandall family.

The castle was cool! There were a whole bunch of Tokugawa Jidai artifacts and Samurai paraphanalia inside. See the pictures included in this post.

We:ve been doing a lot of dendō recently. A lot of housing, especially on rainy days. It:s exhausting, but we:ve actually been finding some potential investigators, which is really nice. We really want to give our teaching pool a boost. And things are looking up in that regard.

We also made an investigator out of an Eikaiwa (English Conversation) class. That:s cool.

Eikaiwa is actually how we celebrated our Fourth of July, although it came several hours before you all got it. About five o:clock your time on the morning of the fourth, we were teaching Japanese people about the founding of America. It was kind of fun.

On Friday the whole Zone got together at Mikunigaoka for Mission President Interviews. That was fun! It made for a long day though!

Saturday we found a really cool PI. It was quite a miraculous experience! You:ll have to ask me about it when I come home.

The ward fed us lunch and gave us a bunch of groceries in the [fruit basket.] I love the Wakayama ward!

I:m almost halfway through my journal, and it:s only been one transfer. I imagine once all this stuff becomes a little more routine I won:t be recording in so much detail. Either way, I:m sure I:m going to be glad I have that record. You:re really only getting a taste of everything that:s happening here. I am trying to give you the highlights, but even that I just don:t have enough time to talk about. Must be what Moroni felt like trying to abridge a thousand years of Jaredite history and prophetic doctrinal exposition. Revelation and miracles occur frequently in a mission striving to turn [good missionaries] into True Disciples – One and All. President Zinke really understands what this work is about. I can see the blessings of heeding his counsel everywhere out here. The Church is growing in Japan, and that:s cool. But that:s not what I:m doing here. I:m not here to turn branches into wards or to convince people to live good lives. I:m here to save souls. It is a mighty and a humbling work, and it can only be accomplished under the constant leadership and oft times direct intervention of divinity. I am beginning to better understand the relationship between faith and miracles. I see miracles frequently here, but only by exercising faith can my investigators participate in those. Miracles cannot preceed faith. Faith must come first. But to those who have the courage and trust in God to exercise that faith, they recieve measures of personal power which exceed anything they could have expected. Trust God. Fear not, doubt not.


Elder Tobler


  1. #1 by Amy Griffin on October 10, 2013 - 1:11 am

    Okay, I know you posted this awhile ago, but what mission is Wakayama in now? I served there a long time ago when it was in the Osaka mission.

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