Screamers 3: Revenge of the Cicadas

Hey everybody! Juist wanted to drop in and tell you all I:m still kickin!

I:ll give you an overview of the news recently. Going to Tanabe so many times is starting to get kind of expensive (it:s about $40 round trip). But thankfully the ward continues to feed us.

We:re teaching a lot of Eikaiwa recently. We like doing that 🙂

The weather continues to get hotter. What we:ve been doing lately is going out to dendō in the morning, then coming home for lunch and study during the hottest part of the afternoon, then going back out in the evening. That way we miss the hottest parts of the day. We can:t do it every day, but it:s nice when we can do it.

I bought a power rangers hand fan to use in church meetings とか。Members are pretty jealous of my Super Sentai Swagger.

We went back down to Tanabe to teach our investigator down there and go to church with him. He:s doing great! He is living the word of wisdom and keeping all his commitments really well. He calls us a lot when he feels tempted to relapse, and we are happy to talk him through it. He:s awesome. We:re going to go down there one more time and teach him the rest of the material, and after that he:ll be ready for his baptismal interview, which we:ve already set up! He:ll be all set for baptism in about three weeks! We also have another investigator in Wakayama who will be ready in three or four weeks. She:s doing well and we actually started teaching her son, too! He:s a good boy and he likes meeting with us. I think he will be baptized soon, too 🙂

We did another Kōkan with the Sennan missionaries last week. This time I went with Rasmusen-Chōrō who is in my dōki from the MTC! We were in the same district there, too! We had some serious dōki chikara (same-class power) going on in our dendō. We struggled with the language, but we talked to lots of people and even got a P.I. out of it! We were pretty happy about that.

Cluff-Chōrō and Rasmusen-Chōrō both ate a king size at Suki-ya. I can:t tell you how disgusting that is. See the pictures below.

We biked out to a really cool beach last week way up on the northern tip of our area. We didn:t really find anyone with interest, but we did get to see a REALLY cool shrine. I:ll put some pictures of that, too.

I called Zinke-Kaichō about putting futons in Tanabe so we could stay the night when we go down there. He said he:d think about it. I asked if, while he was at it, he could send some missionaries down to Tanabe. He said he:d think about it. He told me to baptize our investigator down there quick in case he did put missionaries down there, because if we don:t baptize him before they get there, then they:ll get all the credit for the baptism XD Haha I love Kaichō.

Honestly I don:t care who gets the credit, but even so that baptism is going to happen this transfer.

We also biked out to Iwade-shi last week. Iwade used to be its own area, but the branch kind of died, so they closed it and merged it with the Wakayama ward, so the area got merged with it. Neither of us had ever been out there before and we needed to determine whether it was worth the two-hour bikeride to go dendō over there. I like Iwade.

It:s the stix. My kinda people. But that makes it kind of hard to contact people. Plus we got attacked by cicadas. And I do mean ATTACKED! Kamikazi:d! Have you ever seen a cicada? I have! One attacked me! Actually it was probably closer to about 300 that attacked me. It was…it was terrifying. So, yeah, probably not going back to Iwade again.

So, yeah, things are doing great out here! Sorry I:ve been a little slow in getting back to some of your letters recently. Things have been pretty crazy. I will get to them though! Thank you for all of your encouragement and support. I love you and I miss you all. I hope everything is well with you. May The Lord bless you. Remember Him in all your doings, and He will prosper you.

With conviction,

Elder Tobler


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