I’m still alive!

Dear Friends and Family:

I:m sorry about the lack of updates recently. There:s been a lot that:s  been going on, and I can:t hope to update you on all of it, so let me just say that I am doing well. Elder Cardoso and I are working hard together and finding lots of people to teach about the restored gospel. I:m learning a lot from him. He:s an awesome missionary.

I had the opportunity last week to go down to Tanabe for a Kōkan (companion exchange) with Tanabe. It was like old times! I went down with Mineta-Chōrō. I like Mineta-Chōrō. This was my first Kōkan with a Japanese companion and my first time being senior companion. It was fun! It was a good workout for my language skills because Mineta-Chōrō doesn:t speak much English. I think I might be the only missionary in this mission that feels like missionaries in Japan should actually like…speak Japanese. I feel like my language skills would be significantly improved if all the other missionaries around me didn’t refuse to speak anything besides English to me.

Mineta-Chōrō and I spoke a lot about faithfulness and true discipleship, the true keys to success in this place where relying on The Lord is THE ONLY way to see success. Christ is the reason, the Spirit is the key, obedience is the price, faith is the power, hope is the anchor, and love is the motive. Observe the following chart:

True Disciple

  • Motivated by love
  • Relies on and trusts the Spirit
  • Faithful in all things
  • Emulates the example of the Savior in all places, times, situations
  • Faith sufficient for miracles
  • Understands that the people are all children of God with the potential to become like Him

Good Missionary

  • *Works Hard
  • Works Smart
  • Command of the Language
  • *Obedient
  • Knowledgeable
  • Effective finding
  • Effective Teaching


  • Called and set apart

*Invites others to come unto Christ

*(neccesary foundations of True Discipleship)

These are the musings of a missionary in Japan. Musings というか。 This is the goal. This is what I:m trying to do out here.

There were some cool stories I wanted to talk about relating to miracles and revelation but unfortunately there is just no time for that right now. So just know that I love you all and I pray for you often. This work is urgent and it is important. It is a privilege to participate in it. The pain and violence of this world cannot be fully healed without the miracle of the Atonement of Christ. That is the gift that I am working hard to bring to this people. Because I have tasted of that joy, and I cannot help but want to share it.

Your prayers are felt and appreciated. God be with you till we meet again. And we shall.


Elder Tobler


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