Dear Friends and Family:

Transfer calls came in. I am now in Ako, near Himeiji in Hyogo-ken. I was really sad to leave Wakayama, but I am looking forward to transferring the lessons I learned there into my new assignment. The work in Ako is very different than Wakayama. It:s a really sleepy little town in the mountains. It feels a lot like home, actually. I would definitely like to see the work pick up some steam before the end of this transfer.

My companion:s name is Wycoff-Choro. He:s on his 13th transfer now. He:s a very experienced missionary who knows the area very well. It:s always interesting finding common ground with new companions. You have to be pretty flexible with your personality and tastes and things. Changes are always a little uncomfortable but that:s what keeps things interesting 🙂

I would like to take a moment and salute a noble woman who has been a marvelous advocate for righteousness in word and deed. Sister Janet Rife tragically passed away recently. She has been a friend and a neighbor to my family and to me as long as I can remember. Through unspeakable suffering, she endured faithfully and continued to serve others until the very end. Now, in mercy, The Lord has taken her home to her well-earned rest. I express my love and concern to her family members, whose charge it is now to follow the example of that wonderful wife and mother, and endure the trials of this life in faithfulness. My prayers are with you, and so is The Lord. Turn unto him in this time of sorrow, I plead with you. He will make you strong and give unto you comfort. This promise I give from experience in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.


Elder Tobler




  1. #1 by ldswomenthoughts on December 4, 2012 - 11:04 pm

    Your faith is remarkable. I seem to have days when I don’t feel well; I feel exhausted, with bad headaches, and I just want to crawl under the covers. Nothing gets done there. So I have to pull myself out and up and get out of my apartment. Some days I don’t make it. I have adrenal insufficiency, so it’s not just imaginings; there is a real cause. Today is one of those days. I keep praying for the strength to overcome, but it doesn’t come. I have faith that I am obedient and worthy if it be His will, he can heal me. I know this is true. He can do for us everything he did for the Nephites when he was with them. I don’t think my faith is weak. My body continues to be. He allows us to suffer adversity for a reason. So I have faith there is a reason. There is a letter on the way. I hope it is meaningful. Thank you, Elder Tobler. Kathie Turner

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