Dear Friends and Family:

And “Special Friends”:

So transfers came and went. Wycoff-Choro went back to Kyoto where he would live forever if they let him. I’m in Ako still but now with a companion named Bevan-Choro. He was in Kobe when I first arrived. He dendo’d with me my first day in Japan! He taught me how to street contact, basically. We were out doing bike-dendo the other day and he stopped a man and I thought, “Hey, that contact sounds familiar. That:s my contact!”

He:s an older missionary. He will probably “die” (go home) in Ako. You could do a lot worse! Ako:s awesome. The branch is incredible. They asked us to make them a ward this year. I told them we:d see what we can do, but the miracles come from the Lord, not the missionaries. But they do come, whenever and wherever there is faith. And there is faith in Ako.

Our goal this transfer is to baptize a family. To do this we will need all of your prayers and all your faith! Please and thank you! よろしくお願いします!

I’ll close this correspondence with some pictures from the end of last transfer. The Lord is in charge. He lives. Trust in Him. He won’t let you down.


Elder Tobler




Elder Wycoff: Super Saiya-jin


Kokugawa District at the end of last transfer. From left to right: Mineta-Choro, Carter-Choro, Wycoff-Choro, Smith-Choro, Baker-Choro, Tobler-Choro


First sunrise of the new year in the land of the rising sun.


Dodgeball in Kobe on New Years




Elder Wycoff and I with President and Sister Shintani (the Ako Branch President and his wife) at their home for New Years


“Whosoever believeth in me shall have Eternal Life”

~Jesus Christ


The McDonalds Mega Mac is back and Elder Wycoff is VERY excited about it.


Elder Bevan and I with the Matsui family

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