Thoughts on Faith

Dear Everyone:

You’ll have to forgive me; I’m even more pressed for time than usual today. Mom and Dad, I apologize but I won’t be able to get a personal response to both of you but I’m glad everyone’s health is good and thank you for the words of encouragement and advice.

Today we went to Shoshasan – the Buddhist Monastery where they filmed much of The Last Samurai. See the pictures.

Everything is looking up this week. Things were tough the last couple of weeks but I believe that was The Lord’s way of testing us and teaching us. The Lord prospers us when we make it through a difficult trial without letting our faith in Him falter. He gives us strong evidence of His love and concern for us, then allows us to endure trials without immediately visible signs of His intervention to see if we hold fast to the gift of faith that we’ve been given. If we do that, our faith becomes hardened into a firm foundation in His excellent word. Upon that foundation, additional faith can be built, and it in turn will be hardened in the furnace of affliction, until that day wherein our knowledge and trust in the Master will be perfect The lesson I learned and want you to learn is this: Remain steadfast. Don’t give up. Trust the Lord. Believe in His promises and keep moving forward, and He will prosper you. Of this I bear testimony as a witness of Christ called to His ministry, in his name, amen.


Elder Tobler








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