Miracles – Next Week

Dear Friends and Family:

To those of you who have been patiently awaiting a response to your kind words in letters and emails, I say thank you for your patience. Please hang in there.
This week has been a week of some really COOL miracles! I’ve prepared some experiences to share but unfortunately they will have to wait until I have a little bit more time to correspond. These days we have so much teaching to do that we often don’t really get a preparation day.
That alone would be fine, but on top of that, this week we had to go to Kobe, so we had all of our necessary preparations to do before catching a 4:30 bus to Kobe, and an investigator wanted to meet today. So unfortunately, the brunt of the missing time falls on your shoulders.
But I have been carefully recording every day of my mission since going into the MTC. The stories and the experiences will return home with me. In the meantime I must continue to ask for your patience.
All my love and prayers from the land of the rising sun be to you and your loved ones. Continue in faithfulness, that we may all reap the reward of our faith and good works.
Elder Tobler
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