Transfer Calls: From Ricechild to Brightstone

Dear Friends and Family:

Transfer calls came in this morning. I will be saying goodbye to my beloved Yonago and moving to Akashi. I will be the Zone Leader over the zone I was in when working in Ako. In fact, Ako just saw their fourth baptism this month, all of them directly or indirectly resulting from miracles The Lord blessed me with when I was there. It’s doing so well that in addition to the elders there, the area will be receiving no fewer than four sisters as well! This is an exciting time to be a missionary.

My companion will be Elder Miller – my own Doki! He is Hawaiian, and possibly as crazy as my last Hawaiian companion. We are going to tear it apart and baptize the elect.

I cannot express deeply enough the love and gratitude I feel for the people in Yonago. Never in my whole mission have I wanted to transfer out of my area. Each has been challenging in its own ways and each has been blessed in its own ways. Every transfer is a bittersweet experience, and extra bitter because it serves as a marker for how little time I have left to do The Lord:s work here. But there is a little time left in my mission and a little breath left in me, and the elect aren’t fully gathered yet. So it’s time to shift gears again and work some miracles. I need all the prayers and all the faith that can be divided unto me. Do not concern your prayers with my safety. The Lord will see to that. But what I long for more than anything is to save souls. Please pray that I can do that.

I love you all and I’m so grateful for the love and support I have felt from you so far. I will tell you of more news as it comes.


Elder Tobler


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