Transfer Announcements

Dear Friends and Family:

The Japan Kobe Mission has reached critical mass. We are now the largest mission in the Asia North Area, by a fair bit. The new missionaries have COMPLETELY overrun us, and the dynamic of the mission has changed 100%. This is a make it or break it time for the mission. My hope and prayer is that we, together, as True Disciples, One and All, can rise to a higher vision of the work and accomplish miracles in the gathering of the elect.

For several transfers, President Zinke has been doing everything he can to avoid making the Zone Leaders train. But the time has come. In President Zinke’s own words, “I’m assigning trainers less out of revelation and more out of desperation.”

And thus, this transfer, I’m training. They’re splitting the Zone Leader companionship’s and making each Zone Leader train. That’s…nuts. It’s exciting and…a pain in the butt. But my fellow Zone Leader will be my man Shinohara-Choro. He’s legit. I won’t know who my companion is until Friday. I’ll let you know what happens.

The last week has been a test of patience. But The Lord has had his hand in all of our comings and goings and we expect great miracles to continue in this area. We baptized our other friend yesterday. It was a good end to a crazy week.

More updates as they come. I send my love.


Elder Tobler


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