Transfer Announcement

Dear Friends and Family:

Transfer calls are in! My long tenure as a Zone Leader is finally over. I”m going out to Fukuyama, the farthest area west in our mission boundaries. In fact it is in Hiroshima prefecture. I’m whitewashing it. My new companion will be yet another brand new missionary. This will be my third one. The last two were solid. Let’s hope it stays that way.

The work in this area really took a tole on me. I’m afraid that, at the end of three more transfers, it will be an ambulance rather than an airplane that brings me home. That’s the way it goes. That:s the way it should be. Through those efforts I feel like I left a good mark on the area and, more importantly, I got two young pups started out right to carry on the legacy.

The finish line is in sight. But in this race, the question is not how fast I can reach my destination, but how many people I can bring with me.

All my love and prayers go out to you. Keep ’em comin my way too, eh?


Elder Tobler

  1. #1 by Colleen Tobler on November 25, 2013 - 1:32 am

    Hi Josh How is your new area? Is there strong anti American sentiment still? What does it look like? Are you going to miss being a ZL? How’s your new comp? I was talking to Aunt Judy and she never misses reading your blogs. This Thursday ( Thanksgiving ) we are all writing you letters and putting together your Christmas box. Last chance to put in your requests. I hope you find those searching in this area I hope you are kept busy. A good family moved into Thompsens house. They have a 10 yr old boy and some teen girls. I started a Gratitude Journal where I just write one thing down that I’m grateful for every day. You are on my list today. Erik told Dad yesterday that his son Locke (18) is getting married to a girl who has a child from someone else. Little chance of that working out but for the child’s sake I hope it does. Anna Rae McAllister told me today that Morgan gets home this week. Brandon Bringhurst looks older and bigger. He put on 30 lbs apparently. I saw Taylor coming home from the bus stop. He says he’s back in school so that’s good. He looks the same – less hair. We are helping Collys fam move in 2 weeks to their new house in American Fork. Mixed feelings there but I think it’s great. It’s been windy and cold here lately. All the resorts are open now. Dad was going to go biking with Bret in St George this weekend but he might stick around here and go skiing one day. I get to stay here and babysit. Please marry a local girl so her mom can take her turn in tending your little guys. Haha. Just marry someone who loves The Lord and adores you and ill be happy. Mom 0000xxxx

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