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Sprint to the Finish

Dear Friends and Family:

I am reporting from Amagasaki, land of the thugs and home of the drugs. I was transferred here for my last six weeks to try and improve ward relations and get some of my beloved Japanese brothers and sisters wet before we go.

This mission has a goal to baptize in every area before March 23. The interesting thing about March 23 is that it will also be my last day in this mission. So this goal has special meaning for me personally, for President Zinke, and for the Lord.

Right now in Amagasaki, none of our investigators have a baptismal date. We have several progressing investigators that all need a lot of help.

It is entirely realistic to accomplish this goal, but it will require faith in the truest sense, and a lot of it. I am asking everyone who reads this blog to add this goal and these investigators to their prayer list. Please lend us your faith and let:s together work a miracle. Remember as you do this that this is not just a statistic – this goal represents one of the elect of God beginning his or her journey back home to the Celestial Kingdom. That is why this goal is significant.

I love you all and I:m grateful for your support of my efforts these two years. I ask this last and most significant favor from you, because I know that this is the work of the Lord, and I know there is nothing more significant than the salvation of souls. I know he will bless these efforts if we rely on Him.

Below is a list of investigators who need your faith and your prayers:

Brother Yosh
Brother F.
Brother K.

Thank you for your faithfulness and remember The Lord always. I know that if we trust Him, He will support us in our trials and troubles and afflictions of every kind, and we may one day stand tall in His presence. Oh I would that he will say to you, and to me, “Well done, thou good and faithful servant. Enter into the rest of the Lord.”


Elder Tobler



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