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True Disciples Never Die

Dear Friends and Family:

This will be my last correspondence from the land of the rising sun. My time has come. Two years is precious little time. Words cannot express how fast they pass. To be honest, when I first arrived here that thought was a comfort to me. Then as I learned to become lost in the service of my God, it became a nagging dread that has stalked me tenaciously right up until the end.

My feelings now are a potent mix of joy in the salvation and miracles of God I have witnessed, sadness that the journey has reached its conclusion, excitement in seeing loved ones long distant, resignation to my civilian future, unspeakable joy in the blessings I am seeing presently, and that same incessant fatigue that attends all who choose to wear themselves out in the service of their Lord.

The Lord has blessed me so richly at the end of my mission. Human language is insufficient to describe the joy that one experiences from the outpouring of love from our Heavenly Father, and the realization that that love has always been there, even in the deepest pits of sorrow when it was difficult to detect. Like our Savior before us, at times we are called upon to pass through trials wherein the comforting, guiding presence of the Spirit of God feels distant. But like our Savior before us, we must find the courage to trust that God is faithful, and will be with us.

I cannot hope to record even a brief summary of all that I have learned on my mission, but among the most significant are these:

He just wants us to be faithful. His grace is sufficient. There is nothing more significant to The Lord than the work of salvation. The time is now. Christ is the reason. The Spirit is the key. Obedience is the price. Faith is the power. Hope is the anchor. Love is the motive. Joy is the reward. We are at war. Fight back. And above all: True Disciples Never Die.


Elder Tobler


True Disciples – One and All


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The End is Near

This is a quick entry to let you know that I will be coming home and returning to life as a civilian on Tuesday, April 1. I will speak in in the Heatheridge 5th Ward Sacrament meeting on Easter Sunday, April 20th.  The meeting begins at 1:00pm and the building is located at 450 E. 2000 N. 

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